Interesting Tips on How To Comment on the Blog

August 11, 2006

imagesrcvb.jpgSo far, I’ ve had great comments from the readers of my blog.  But for those who are afraid to write comment for fear of not knowing how to write and what to write… I found this wonderful site  Lorelle on Worldpress that gives tips on:

How To Comment on A Blog:

1. Say something Intelligent

2. Ask something intelligent

3. Write Something Intelligent

4. Add To The Conversation

5. Regard Your comment as a mini resume.

So guys…If you have comments or questions regarding my posts or other health issues… just follow the tips!

Enjoy my Posts…But

 I Love To Hear What You Think!

5 Responses to “Interesting Tips on How To Comment on the Blog”

  1. Interesting you would use this as an example of overcoming “fear of commenting”. I like that!

    There’s a dual responsibility when it comes to commenting on blogs. The first is on the blogger to encourage comments, and to set the tone of those comments with the writing that encourages those comments. The second responsibility, which my article pertains to, is the responsibility commenters have towards their comments.

    I hope my article helps – on both sides of the communication fence. Thanks!

  2. maxim Says:

    Commenting in a blog is part of our learning process. That is something very concrete – exchanging ideas and information that will enrich our knowledge of things.

    Truly, whatever we say or write bring with it certain responsibilities. For both sides, awareness for such immense onus is necessary. For a writer, to sift between are facts and myths and to label as such is a big part of the process. For the reader, to be critical is one necessary quality wherein both parties could advance learning.

    Again, as what Stephen Covey said, this is all part of “sharpening the saw’.

  3. mommy eva Says:

    informative yet grounded. it has helped alot re prevention and management. and genuine concern for health.

  4. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  5. This is a great post, and I thank you for putting all of this valuable information together.

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