Want To Quit Smoking?

August 2, 2006

2977173539 Smoking is one vice Ill never attempt to learn!  The mere smell of a smoke in a patient’s room is a no no to me… otherwise the patients will never see me enter that room again. As an endocrinologist that deals with diabetic patients, I’ve seen numerous diabetics who suffered from different complications due to smoking.  The recent INTERHEART Study which looked at risk factors for Heart Disease… especially among males- smoking in on the top of that list. 

Here are important facts regarding smoking and its effect on health:

1.  It decreases  the good cholesterol and therefore removes the safety net that we all have with regard to heart attack and stroke.  Remember the higher the HDL the less likely we get the heart disease.

2. Due to the person’s increase propensity to blood clot, a smoker will have a very high likelihood to getting a non traumatic amputation.  If losing one leg is no big deal to you… then enjoy smoking.

3. One problem with any person who is obese with family history of Diabetes is the increased likelihood to inheriting the genetic defect called Insulin Resistance state which initiates the whole process of diabetes and heart disease.  Smoking has been shown to increase that person’s insulin resistance further. So if we have risk factors for diabetes…stop smoking.

Here are some tips that I usually advise my patients on how through self discipline one can to stop smoking:

1. Avoid situations that will tempt you to smoke like bars, rest areas where you drink coffee.

2. Go to areas where smoking is not allowed like malls and do something that will distract you to smoke.

3. Find a substitute to a cigarette if the urge to smoke comes like a piece of candy or gum.

4. Just resolve to really stop smoking and do it ” cold turkey” rather than doing it slowly like 6 sticks today then 5 sticks tomorrow.

It may be difficult but again this is where discipline comes in handy!

By Not Smoking Is One Sure Way To

A Healthier Life!

2 Responses to “Want To Quit Smoking?”

  1. […] 1.Smoking is the single most preventable cause of death! Even with this data, you can still see smokers in our midst. Common sense tells us: Quit Smoking! […]

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