A Trick For Children To Lose Weight

August 2, 2006

 It’s been alarming that childhood obesity is getting to be an epidemic.  We all know why… urban sedentary lifestyle, computer games, lack of supervision and the advent of less nutritious high fat foods. But what needs to be done to combat this disease is education but most times children don’t just get the message. They find it too abstract to understand that they will become diabetics…or  hypertensives… in the future if they don’t lose weight!

An innovative approach now in the US is being done at The Learning Channel. This information was sourced from the Endocrine Today publication.

The series, Honey We’re Killing the Kids, uses state-of-the-art computer imaging intended for the parents to show them and the kids how they will look like at the age of 40 if they don’t start making diet and lifestyle changes now. The digital images are developed based on the information obtained from the parents with regard to the children’s diet, exercise habits and family medical history.

It is now known that the view of the future among these obese children is not healthy with an estimated 60 to 80% of these overweight children  becoming overweight adults, with many of the accompanying medical complications.

Here’s a graphic representation of the digital image made:

This is how the child will look like at age 40 if he continues his eating habits and sedentary lifestyle.

The show only started September of 2005 and it has so far been a hit. I am not sure when this will show in our country but definitely this is a remarkable way to educate our children because indeed ” a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Teach Your Kids A Healthy

Lifestyle…They Deserve It !


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4 Responses to “A Trick For Children To Lose Weight”

  1. Maxim Says:

    This is a creative way of educating people doctor. Simply, whatever action or inaction we put right now will have consequences in the future either in the name of diabetes or hypertension, or both and many other cv diseases.

  2. Carmela Says:

    this is quite interesting doc, you see some parents would think it is actually “cute” to see children who are quite obese, and not even considering the possible effects of this on the childs health. well, with the computer imaging system like what you’ve mentioned in your blog, parents would early on realize not only effects of obesity on children on the physical appearance of their child after many years but also to help save their children from developing health conditions later that puts them more at risk of having diabetes and cv diseases.

  3. Maripee Says:

    Quite discriminating, Doc. This will apply to those insensitive parents who think they’re giving the “best” for their kids. This scare campaign will definitely get attention. We love our kids and before it happens we’ve set the right mind for them already. We sure hope more and more will be aware of the consequences of obesity. Keep writing…I’m always looking forward to your new blogs.

  4. Jeremy Says:

    Great site. Thanks for the post.

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