Activities That Burn Calories

August 2, 2006

imagese.jpg We’ve been talking about lifestyle changes including dietary intervention and physical activity as a means to combat obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases. But what are the activities that we can do that still burn calories without necessarily turning to exercise. We get a lot of excuses like “too busy and too little time” to go to a gym.

Here’s a short compilation of the usual activities that we can do and the estimated equivalent calories burned per hour for your guidance:

Cleaning the House                200 to 250 calories

Gardening                             300 calories

Sweeping the floor                 250 calories

Child Care                             180 to 200 calories

Cooking/Food Preparation       150 calories

Driving                                  110 calories

Office Work                            140 calories

Standing                                100 calories

Simple Exercises:

Aerobics                                 350 calories

Badminton, social                    300 calories

Golf                                        240 calories

Walking, brisk                          400 calories

Running                                  400 to 500 calories

Swimming laps                          600 calories

Different activities whether done at home or outside the house result in calories being burned. There should therefore be no excuse that one is unable to do physical activity be at work or in the house because… while doing office computer work, you can stand up and walk to accumulate more calories burned per hour!

Indulge yourself or your kids with activities that will entail more calories being burned as a way of improving the overall health risk profile. 

Remember…Walking is FREE! So start moving!

Simple Measures Can Result in


7 Responses to “Activities That Burn Calories”

  1. Maxim Says:

    Doctor, how about the important activity married couples do? Would you also consider that as exercise?

  2. Tinia Says:

    Nice blog and interesting points. Please do visit my site on weight loss

  3. Lilibeth Says:

    …well…the equivalent calories lost guide made me realize there is no need to actually go to the gym, after all…and walking is just my i’d rather walk everyday…what about the equivalent hours or duration…does it vary on the amount of calories lost as u reflected earlier?

  4. Doc Gerry Says:

    Walking an hour will lose you 400 calories but make sure you are doing the brisk walking. But 400 calories is lost easily by taking care of what you eat! A Cup of cappucino or frappe for example is already equivalent to 250 calories!!!! Remember weight loss is easier if you take care of what you eat… exercise then helps maintain that weight okay?

  5. jenny Says:

    visit be to understand about Aerobics & Cardio and tips health

  6. Gurpreet Singh Says:

    Thank you all. I have recently started brisk walking for around 2.5 miles a day at a speed of 2.7 miles an hour. I have also halved my diet. No carbs and fat in dinner.

    I have lost 4 kgs in 3 weeks.

  7. disc Says:

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    which is prohibited.

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