How To Enjoy Your iPod Safely

August 2, 2006

2189059896 I am a user of iPod… I carry it with me when I exercise everyday and when I travel long distance either by plane or land.  It’s the fad and I think this gadget will be in vogue for quite sometime.  Unlike the older versions of this gadget like the Walkman where you cant increase the volume because the sound turns bad… the sound of the iPod gets better the louder it gets.  As a result, you don’t even feel the loudness because you’re enjoying the music… and that’s where the problem comes in.

According to the Mayo Clinic Hearing Loss Center…Decibels of 80 or below are safe.  Most MP3’s or iPods can expose us up to 120 decibels.  It is now estimated that approximately 1/3 of all the hearing losses are noise induced!  And  MP3 or iPod usage contributes to this statistics… So iPod users… the most important preventive strategy to avoid the problem of hearing loss is to make sure you get the “safe” decibel.

A safe decibel means:

1. if you are able to hear a conversation while listening to the music,

2. If nobody else hears the music in your iPod,

3. If you are able to talk without shouting and

4. If you’re enjoying the music without turning the volume all the way up.

It is recommended that the volume should be less than 60% of the total volume set in the gadget.

For me, it pays to be cautious because hearing loss may not be apparent now because it takes years to develop.  But more importantly… once hearing loss sets in…it’s Permanent!

To be able to hear well is a blessing… So

Let’s Enjoy Our iPods Safely!

One Response to “How To Enjoy Your iPod Safely”

  1. Maxim Says:

    One detrimental effect of ipods, is on the interpersonal level. I notice people having a world of their own, not interacting anymore with other social beings because they are all hooked to their ipods.

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