An Easy Way To Avoid The Common Cold

November 2, 2006

15112982.jpgIt’s the “colds” season again. The rainy season factor in the increasing trend of people catching colds. The problem with colds is that it is highly contagious and the virus is airborne and stays in the air for quite sometime to infect other people.  We are always told to cover out noses when we sneeze and definitely to wash hands when handling objects not ours or just by touching door knobs.  It can be also transmitted by a simple handshake.  So my practice has always been to have a hand sanitizer on my side and use it to clean my hands after every patient that I see and touch.

A new study published in November issue of the American Journal of Medicine showed that moderate daily exercise can actually help fend off the common cold. We know being physically healthy can really boost one immune system but this is the first time that exercise per se is looked at in relation to preventing colds.

In that study “older women who walked for a half-hour daily for a year reported half the number of colds as women of similar age who didn’t exercise.” The Fifty-three of the women were assigned to the exercise group spent 30 minutes daily, five days a week, doing moderate-intensity activity like brisk walking. These are activities we can always do at home.

This adds to the long list of benefits we get from exercise….

Preventing Colds Thru Exercise!

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