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The Benefits of Small Frequent Feedings

November 25, 2006

142997682.jpgThe moment we wake up… it’s too late to eat breakfast…we then rush to take a bath and drive to work.  We often miss our breakfast.  But you may thought… this should be good… I will only eat 2x in a day and it should be healthy.  I get to see this practiced by my patients often and I have to say this… IT’s wrong and UNHEALTHY!

Unhealthy in the sense you allowed your metabolic rate to remain very low after an overnight fast such that by the time you eat brunch or lunch… you end up storing all the calories you took in.  You overwork your pancreas if you are a diabetic and you will end up having a defective machine that in the long run will no longer produce insulin and you will end up giving yourself the shots!

The Harvard Health Review  summarized the studies to prove that small frequent nibbling is indeed better and healthier:

  • a study from Great Britain involving 14,500 individuals showed that the people who ate more frequently had lower cholesterol levels.  such that their cardiac risk was reduced by 10%–20% compared with people who eat once or twice a day. Those that eat more frequently were also leaner than “gorgers,” even though they took in more calories.
  • In France, a 2002 study of 330 men found that those who eat more frequently have less body fat than those who eat less frequently.
  • Finally, a more recent study of 499 Massachusetts residents showed that people who ate four or more times a day were 45% less likely to be obese than those who ate three or fewer times a day.

What do these studies mean? The Harvard Researchers have this to say….

If you don’t have time to cook three healthy meals each day, it can be less daunting to know you have options. But, don’t forget that some things never change: If you snack on the wrong food or pack in too many calories, you’ll lose ground. And if you don’t cover enough ground with your exercise “snacks,” you won’t get the full benefit of physical activity. The whole is still equal to the sum of its parts.”  AMEN!

No More Reason Not To Be A Healthy Muncher!

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