Tips on How To Talk To Your Doctor

November 3, 2006

2777525239.jpgSetting up an appointment to see a doctor can be a daunting task for some. Many patients will tell me that their blood pressure usually shoots up the moment they enter the office. Many times, its the thought of missing something that they really want to ask…or may not understand.  So I thought of writing these tips so you can be prepared to see us anytime you deemed necessary.

  • Personal information like allergy or are you stressed?
  • Any family or past illnesses or surgery.
  • Any medicines you are currently taking.  Make sure you can remember the names and strength.
  • Any side effects you experienced while taking the medicine(s).  To include any vitamins or supplements you take.
  • Any laboratory workups done  including Xrays.

When you are inside the doctor’s office…don’t be afraid to speak up. It’s important for you to let your doctor know if you don’t understand something.

  • Ask every time you don’t understand something.
  • Write down your questions ahead of time.
  • React and ask for explanations if you missed something
  • Ask what the drugs are for and what the expected side effects are and for how long will they be taken.

Remember the following Important Points:Understanding ones disease is key to helping you feel better and managing your disease. These are the times you should call us:

  • Never stop a drug if you were not told to stop or if in doubt… ask your doctor.
  • If you start to feel worse or have problems with your medicine…call your doctor.
  • If you had tests and haven’t gotten the results… call your doctor

Lastly…know when your next check up is.  Remember… as doctors we want to know if the drug we’re giving is working well to help you feel better.  A follow up visit is very essential to help us manage your disease better!

There You go… Simple Tips to make your doctor’s visit smooth and easy

What You Tell Us Helps Us Treat What You Have!

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