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The Harm of Being Obese, Having Bad Breath and Gum Bleeding!

November 18, 2006

736552470.jpgThe moment you wake up and brush your teeth, you may have noticed gum bleeding.  You may take it for granted but if the bleeding or your bad breath is due to a gum disease then take note and see your dentist.  

So far this year… I was able to diagnose two cases of the fatal but rare disease called pancreatic cancer which unfortunately up to now has little to offer in terms of treament.  Almost always by the time it is detected… it has already spread beyond the pancreas.  So far only 5 % of those diagnosed can survive up to 5 years.

So what’s the relationship between gum disease, obesity and cancer?

Apparently based on recent studies, The American Association for Cancer Research states that gum disease and pancreatic disease are closely linked even among those who have never smoked.

In a study from the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston involving 52,000 male doctors in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study:

  • men with a history of gum disease had a 63-percent higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer relative to men without periodontal disease.
  • Those who never smoked with gum disease had a 2-fold increased risk in developing pancreatic cancer.

The harmful bacteria that is present in individuals with gum disease apparently can result in producing harmful substances in the mouth and the gut especially the cancer causing product called: Nitrosamines.

On a side note… the same institution using the same data also showed…obesity as a risk factor for pancreatic cancer noting that…obese people were 72% more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than normal weight counterparts.

So… Be Fit and Have Healthy Gums!