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A Tip To Stay Trim

November 21, 2006

11502699.jpgDue to work overload, we simply put off the time to eat.  We always feel obliged to finish our work until such time we don’t realize that it’s past 2 in the afternoon and you start feeling jittery… simply because you’re hungry.  Once that happens…the urge to eat is so compelling that you tend to think of whatever simple flavor and fat rich food you can grab… probably the yummy fried chicken or the delicious cheese burger.

Shy away from that practice of indulging late lunch or dinner.  If you can find the time, eat small portion snacks in between meals.  Try to stay away from simple carbohydrates and eating plenty of fiber as this tip has been shown in one Danish study published in October in American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition to help women avoid packing on pounds as they get older.

When doctors talk of glycemic index- it actually a measure of how quickly a food causes blood sugar to rise.  Subsequently an rapid increase in blood sugar stimulates your pancreas to produce insulin which in turn can shut down the fat burning machine of the body.  High GI foods also make you feel hungry faster thus the craving for more food is always a turn off! 

Examples of foods with high glycemic index which we recommend one to avoid includes: refined sugars and simple starches, like candy and white breadLow glycemic index foods include those with greater fiber content, such as vegetables and whole grains.

In our busy practice, we just dont find the time to look for what is healthy once we’re hungry.  So let me share with you one practical solution to the busy people out there trying to stay fit is to grab this low calorie low glycemic index snack cereal bar which I recommend to all my diabetics trying to lose weight.  You can put it inside your pouch or carry it with you when you’re on the road.  It was developed by Nestle for several years to come up with a healthy alternative to snacking called Nutren Balance.  It’s a low calorie cereal bar and oatmeal based so you don’t feel hungry fast.  You can also use it for meal replacement.  I usually tell my patients to grab for one anytime they feel hungry.

I am not advertising this product for a fee but am just sharing what I know works well with my patients to my readers.  Hope this will work for you too.

Stay Trim…Stay Healthy!