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The Danger of Drinking Too Much Cola?

November 23, 2006

639176267.jpgWomen who are trying to lose weight use diet sodas to fill them up without eating the right food.  As part of their regimen to lose weight, I know of some friends who can consume up to 8 cans a day.  I usually allow my patients to drink  diet soda but at a minimum of 1 can a day.  It may be less in calories but again everybody should realize that a soda contains other substances that may actually be harmful to ones body… 

Women after menopause at increased risk of bone loss and develop a disease called osteoporosis.  It is now considered a silent killer since this condition remains asymptomatic for life until such time that ones bones are so brittle and thin that a fracture happens with minimal trauma.  It is estimated that once a fracture occurs…one out of 6 will die within 6 months…most likely due to complications arising from being bedridden due to the fracture.

In a recent report published in the October issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition... regular consumption of carbonated cola drinks (>1 can a day) was shown to affect the integrity and the strength of bone such that women who drink soda daily had lower bone mass as measured by the Bone Mineral Densitometry compared to women who drink soda infrequently like < 1 can per month.  

The most likely culprits in sodas that can affect the bone are caffeine and phosphoric acid such that cola intake was associated with lower BMD at each hip site in women… and fortunately not in men.

637275227.jpgSo for those who use Diet Cokes to lose weight…take note… you may end up getting a worst disease than keeping yourself trim in a wrong way.

Take Care Of Your Bones… Limit Your Soda!

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