The Benefits of Red Wine

October 31, 2006

1084423113.jpgThe low rate of heart disease in France despite a diet that includes plenty of butter and cheese has come to be known as the French paradox. The same observations have been noted in other wine drinking countries suggesting that the difference in heart disease risk maybe due to the red wine! More and more benefits in red wine consumption include a reduction in the risk to develop various forms of cancer like leukemia, breast and prostate… this I call The Wine Magic!

Now comes a new study presented in The Healthfinder of the US Dept of Health and Human Servicesthat showed drinking more than three glasses of red wine a week reduced the incidence of abnormal growths and cancers of the intestinal tract by two-thirds or approximately 68% reduction compared to non drinkers. Interestingly, drinking white wine did not have the same protective effect.

What is responsible for the benefits? A single product or a combined action of substances? Whatever it is… Wine Drinkers don’t care….

In the future I would suspect that we will have more data to support the recommendation of taking a glass of red wine to prevent heart disease and cancer just like asking people now to drink milk to prevent osteoporosis.  Until that time comes…I strongly discouraged people to start drinking wine for health benefits. For now… don’t substitute healthy activities and healthy food choices with a glass of wine! However… if you drink… then better choose Red wine.

Cheers to Red Wine!

2 Responses to “The Benefits of Red Wine”

  1. maxim Says:

    The function of drinking red wine is a social activity that could relieve stress.

    Aside from the different studies that identify what is in red wine that reduces the incidence of heart disease, this maybe a factor also (although this is just a theory).

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