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The Internet Addiction

October 23, 2006

21592908151.jpgInternet has revolutionized the way we do things whether in business, personal life or in Medicine.  We can now diagnose diseases from areas where there are no doctors based on Internet transmission of images.  I find it useful to browse through medical journals every morning to see what’s the latest and what’s no longer acceptable in terms of treatment or diagnostic tools.   However it is said that approximately 5 to 10% of adult population are now hooked to Internet and are spending more time then they should.  The era of Internet ADDICTION!

In one study done by Stanford University researchers recently published in Journal of Neuropsychiatric Medicine,it is estimated that” more than one in eight U.S. adults finds it hard to stay away from the Internet for several days at a time and about one in eleven tries to hide his or her on-line habit.”

The implication of the study is that a sizable number of subjects had their marital or social relationships suffering due to Internet use.  So far however no clinical or medical disorder has resulted arising from Internet addiction.  But what we know about the Internet is that it may promote addictive behaviors and pseudo-intimate relationships like “cybersex.”

Some of the signs that a person is suffering from Internet Addiction are:

  1. disregard for health or appearance,
  2. sleep deprivation
  3. decreased physical activity and social interaction with others
  4.  dry eyes
  5. carpal tunnel syndrome and
  6. repetitive motion injuries of hands and fingers. 

Enjoy the benefits of the Internet but as the saying goes…

Too Much of a Good Thing Can be

BAD for Your Health!