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Learning A Lesson From the Movie CLICK!

October 12, 2006

imagesfghj.jpgOnes desire to succeed in career is healthy as long as ones personal health and family life are kept a PRIORITY!

One movie I found surprisingly good was the movie CLICK that I happened to see while on the plane back to the Philippines.  This is a movie that tells about a workaholic advertising executive Michael Newman played by the comedian Adam Sandler who came across an eccentric salesman who offered him a universal remote control that controlled his life.  The remote control eventually overruled his choices that went fast forward to his desires in the future… to the point that he saw his future being overruled by selfish desires to succeed in his career to the point of neglecting his family resulting in divorce and poor family relationships.  The worst things he regretted were not having the time to spend supervising his kids while growing up, no time for his loving wife and not having the time to spend with his father.  He regretted not having the time to even say and express his love to his family!

I definitely recommend everyone to watch this movie… anyone who may have wandered in path and have put more time in career than personal life…to the point of putting ones personal health and family life as nothing more than supporting roles.

My brother in law’s personal motto says it all:

 I maybe a learned scholar, a succesful business man or a good father and husband…but until I am all three…I am not successful”