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How To Keep Your Weight Off

October 14, 2006

imagesaq2.jpgYou have seen a lot of your friends who successfully lost weight but then the next time you meet them, they’ve gained back their weight! The so called yo-yo phenomenon is known to the medical field.  It is often said that losing excess weight is often easier than keeping it off.

One new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine October issue is very relevant to those who are trying to keep their lost weight off!  This study shows that “stepping on a scale every day, and adjusting eating and exercise habits accordingly, can go a long way in helping dieters maintain a weight loss.”

Word of Caution: Just because you’re stepping on the weighing scale, you expect not to regain your weight is wrong… you have to use whatever information on the scale to either do extra careful with food intake or increase physical activity.  The author advised that “ Paying attention to weight — and taking quick action if it creeps up — seems to be the secret to success.” 

The techniques that were provided to the participants that  prevented weight regain included:

  1. advice to eat breakfast,
  2. get an hour of physical activity each day and
  3. weigh themselves daily.

It is important to note that the women who stepped on the scale each day were 82 percent less likely to regain lost weight compared to those who did not weigh themselves daily.  But if no information is derived from weighing yourself and no changes were done in the diet or exercise, daily weighing had little impact on the amount of weight regained.

Thus…. use the information from the scale to make constructive changes in your eating and exercise habits to ensure that you prevent weight regain!

Step on That Scale and Learn From It!

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