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For A Better Sex Life…

October 21, 2006

1953191542.jpgThis post is for the guys…and their partners too! A Hope for Premature Ejaculation!

Do you know that premature ejaculation is the most common sexual problem among men?  Even more common that erectile dysfunction or impotence? It affects approximately 35% of male population…whew that large! Seldom however is this topic ever discussed because most men don’t think this as a problem but the partners actually do….But there’s hope …

A new antidepressant drug called dapoxetine designed specifically to treat premature ejaculation has proven to be safe and effective in a study involving 2000 men published in September issue of Lancet.

This drug works specifically to delay ejaculation. But, continued use of this drug has been shown to produce some side effects like nausea, headache among others.  “It worked both in lengthening ejaculation time and in patients’ feeling control over ejaculation and both subjects’ and partners’ feelings of satisfaction with intercourse” 

The results showed that after 12 weeks, men taking dapoxetine increased their time to ejaculation from less than 1 minute to 2.78 minutes on the 30-milligram dose ,  to 3.32 minutes on the 60-milligram dose.  That a great improvement and for sure makes the men less insecure in bed.

This drug is available in Europe but not yet approved in the US.  So for now…the use of depoxitine for premature ejaculation is considered an ” off label” use.

There you go guys…

Better Sex means Better Satisfaction

for a Better Relationship!