Why Am I Not In Shape?

March 6, 2007


The cartoon says it all…..

The Mind may know BUT its the Action that Counts!

6 Responses to “Why Am I Not In Shape?”

  1. Rose Says:

    Hahaha very true I guess all f us are guilty in some way.

  2. Alexis Says:

    Sad but true.

  3. Doc Gerry Says:

    Actually Alexis I just had a pt this morning and she said she exercises by going to the garden. Apparently she goes to the garden… then calls her helpers to cultivate then remove the dirt etc. So actually what she thought that as an exercise was actually her mouth muscles moving.

  4. maxim Says:

    The cartoon picture says it succinctly and clearly. In an information explosion age, where information is at the whim of our fingertips, we become stuck in the quagmire of our computer screens.

    With your dedicatiion of sharing vital information through well-reserached data, reader-friendly format and creatively designed presentations, there is nothing more left to do but to act on those recommendations.

    Personally, I like your use of cartoon. It makes your blog interesting. Moreover, it also touches on the child in everyone of us.

  5. Doc Gerry Says:

    Thanks for the comment Max. I thought of esperimenting using this format for the simple reason of catching ones imagiination through a drawing. Well said!

  6. wilson Says:

    He he.

    that hits home.

    Talking and reading about it does not do any good until we get into action.

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