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The French Fries Freebie!

October 17, 2006

imagesert.jpgGo to any malls in any country… and you’ll see fast-food stations serving the yummy french fries!  Be it the children or the parents… you can see them eating their hearts out after a hectic day of shopping.  What a fun activity to watch and what a way to bond with your kids.  Not only will you show the kids the wrong way to eat but push them to gain the weight we’ve been wanting them to lose. 

As to the parents… do you want Diabetes with your order of Fries?  A recent study showed that Diabetes is now a freebie for every order of your fries!  yahoooo… we all like freebies! 

In a survey done by the Harvard School of Public Health study involving 84,500 women showed that:

  1. those that “splurged” on french fries just once a week were 21 percent more likely to get diabetes than those who ate none. 
  2. those that eat five servings per week of any white potatoes, whether mashed and baked, raised the risk by 14 percent!

The problem with french fries…aside from the fat… is that… it is a food with high glucose load!  I therefore strongly suggest that if you’re obese, or has a family history of diabetes… eating french fries with bread is loading yourself with free sugar!  So the next time you crave for potatoes…switch to sweet potatoes instead! 

Diabetes?…No Thanks For the Freebie!

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