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If You Are At Risk For Diabetes: Lessen Your STRESS!

October 30, 2006

1321931401.jpgThat’s True: Stress can increase ones blood sugar through the effect of the so called stress hormones.  You may have friends or parents who when gets stressed have higher sugar values.  But Can Stress cause one to become a diabetic?

One study says YES!….In this study published in October issue of Psychosomatic Medicine showed that individuals with high stress and high hostility levels have a higher likelihood of developing insulin resistance.

Insulin Resistance is the main defect present among diabetic patients.  This is a state where our body’s insulin production is affected because our body does not interact with the insulin being produced.  If this state remains unabated… it will tire out the pancreas which is the organ responsible for producing insulin leading to its failure to produce the product.  Once this happens, your blood sugar then shoots up because there is no more enough insulin that can bring sugar inside the muscle.  Our thrust in the treatment therefore of diabetes in 2006 is to combat this insulin resistance state through increase physical activity or drugs.

 This study found that there is a statistical interaction between hostility and stress level in predicting insulin resistance. Likewise other components associated with hostility like cynicism was found to strongly increase insulin resistance.  And one preventive strategy therefore for those of us at risk of diabetes  aside from increase physical activity should now include stress management.

At Risk for Diabetes?…embrace this saying… This has been and will always be my motto in life:


Don’t Let Stress Take that away from you! Know what stresses You Out…Then

 … Know How to Handle The Stress…

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