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The Tale of Too Much Testosterone

October 20, 2006

imagessa1.jpgThe macho image of being fit with bulky bodies has driven a lot of men to self prescribe testosterone… hoping to boost energy and muscle mass.  Indeed too little testosterone can be bad to ones health and well being but too much can have a more lasting ill effect!

A study published in Journal of Biological Chemistry showed that “Too much testosterone can kill brain cells. “ Tests done on brain cells in the lab showed that too much testosterone results in cells to self-destruct… a process similar to what happens with Alzheimer’s Disease.

This finding will definitely have an impact among athletes who tend to abuse steroid and hormones to enhance competitiveness through an increase in endurance and muscle mass.  But at the expense of nerve cell damage… which in the long run can mean dementia.

This is a tale that we want to remain a tale…not a reality!

Be Safe… Be Happy With What You Have!