Tai Chi For Better Mobility and Balance

September 20, 2006

2374902333.jpgOsteoporotic fractures are prevalent among our elderly diabetic patients. This is mainly attributed to a low trauma event due to loss of balance preceding the fracture. This can be explained also by the impaired mobility among older adults due to their low muscle power which results from their inability to contract their muscles quickly.

In a study of older obese adults with type 2 diabetes published in the Septemeber issue of the Diabetes Care, showed that older obese type 2 diabetics can benefit from low-intensity, low-impact Tai Chi exercises as well as from regular stretching and calisthenics.

This study involved 38 men and women with type 2 diabetes aged 65 were randomly assigned to Tai Chi exercises or seated calisthenics and stretching which included a 55-minute exercise sessions twice a week for 16 weeks.

The Findings at the end of the study period:

1.Participants in both exercise groups whether Tai Chi or calisthenics had improvements in their balance and walking speed.

2, Patients who participated in Tai Chi exercises also showed improved mobility.

3. The improvement in balance was most noted among those with poorer quality of life at the start of the study.

4.Those participants who had better health, muscle function and exercise capacity at the start of the study, had improvement in walking speeds by the end of the study.

Likewise, what I found significant in the study was the finding that:  it is very important for patients to have good sugar control since lower levels of blood glucose and less body fat at the start of the study were factors associated with improved walking speeds over time.

There you go…we will get definitely grow old but now we know that over time, increase physical acitivity and its effects can have lasting impact in our quality of life.

Better Mobility: Another Reason To

Take Care of Your Sugar and Exercise!

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