Obesity Genes:Why We Become Obese May Not Be Our Fault After All!

August 16, 2006

imagesftu.jpgWe always think of the equation: what you take in EQUALS what you take out!  A simple equation now being questioned with new findings on studies that this may not be so….

Studies involving twins who ate the same amount of calories had different weights. Subjects given the same quantity of calories- one gained 1 pound a week the other did not. So what made the difference?

New research has shown that Obesity genes now numbering to 50 regulate the way we eat…whether its enough to stop…the way our body utilizes the calories.. and the way fat is built up. This may explain the difference why with so little fuel, some patients gained weight a lot.

Recently… a new cultprit is believed to contribute to this menace… The Microbes just like the way ulcers are made.

In short… it is not ones fault if one has these biological factors causing them to be obese but the whole problem still boils down to too much eating with too little exercise. We may not be able to change the biological makeup, but we can definitely change the way they manifest.

So…It May Not Be Your Fault After All….

…But You Still Take Responsibility Of The Outcome!

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