An Interesting Tip To Curb Consumption

August 13, 2006

8750941121.jpgMore interesting tips are coming our way to curb consumption.  The more practical the tips the better for consumers to follow.  The less need to medicate… the better! 

I just spent this weekend with my family at Shangrila Mactan and had dinner at the Tides Restaurant.  This place is famous for its sumptuous food and buffet dinner.  What’s interesting is how the place uses a small plate and after getting only few choices… you feel you’ve taken enough because the plate looks full! Smart move…

It seems to be more than common sense knowledge that small plate will entail less intake but studies need to be done to have these observations confirmed. This new study published recently in American Journal of Preventive Medicine looked at partygoers and see if size matters with regard to the bowl and utensils they have and the amount of food they eat!  An amusing study but really interesting….

The researchers provided the subject with either a 17 ounce or 34 ounce bowl as well as a 2 or 3 ounce serving scoops.  They were told to get the ice cream themselves.


Doubling the size of the serving bowl resulted in a 34% increase in consumption!

This study supports the fact that environmental factors affect the way we eat. Visual Illusion working overtime here… 2 scoops of ice cream may be too much for a small bowl but it may seem too little in a big bowl. Two scoops using a small ice cream scoop may be enough but 1 scoop from a big scoop utensil may be too little!

There you go…Change Your Plates!

Every Little Step Goes A Long Way! 

4 Responses to “An Interesting Tip To Curb Consumption”

  1. carmela diana Says:

    another “wake upper” blog! right now im trying to recall the times when this “plate trick” got me.. at least now im aware. thanks doc!

  2. maxim Says:

    Yes, illusions are powerful indeed.

    I would rethink on the plates we use at home.

  3. marvi Says:

    great idea… 🙂
    have to change plates size we use at home… 🙂

  4. Vern M. Says:

    i’m gonna recommend it to my friends

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