Heavier Toys For Your Kids…

August 9, 2006

imagessdth1.jpgAs the world gets bigger problems with obesity… any intervention that works is really a welcome news. The blog Diabetes Notes  had a post of a recent study done in Indiana State University looking at the effects of heavier toys among children especially on their weight. 

The study showed …

…children playing with heavier toys burned

more calories and had higher heart rates… 

This is an interesting study because playing is part of growing up for these kids and if playing with heavier toys can in a way help them lose weight… the better! 

It is however advised that increasing activities is already a proven method of both losing and maintaining weight and therefore it is recommended to encourage our kids to be more active with outdoor activities than allowing them free time to spend indoors with their computers.

My Grade 1 kid is into soccer for 1 hour after school three times a week.  He’s enjoying it very much that we dont need to push him to do it. He has Taekwando every Saturday and he’s now a yellow belter and he refuses to stop! Then on sundays, a trainer comes to the house for an hour of swimming lesson.  All these activities are not forced BUT are liked by him because basically he’s just playing!

Any Little Help For Our Kids

Can Do A Long Way! 

2 Responses to “Heavier Toys For Your Kids…”

  1. maxim Says:

    Yes children need to enjoy their being children in the right and healthy way… more outdoors… more physical activities.

    The challenge is for the children of today. In our time, we didn’t have the luxury of computer games and even television in the province. We had no choice then but to involve in many physical activities and a lot of social interaction with the kids in the neighborhood. And we had great fun and I would say memorable and exciting growing up years.

  2. Got here through health search on google. Good blog.

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