The Need to Educate Our Patients…Why Health is Wealth!

August 7, 2006

2007039828 One very common question I get from new patients that have been diabetic for years is whether it is really necessary to check their blood glucoses.  From the time I get this question, one thing I know is that this patient has never received any education regarding his disease.

All too common scenario that’s very frustrating.  Because by the time these patients see me… most likely complications arising from poor diabetes control have already set it.

Knowledge of ones disease…why you have it…what to do about it…how can we prevent the next problems to come… is more important than starting medications. All too familiar with some doctors is the reflex to start medications to treat the disease.  But the more lasting prescription that will do the trick of educating these people is left unsaid.

If one knows what this disease can do to ones life and that something can be done about it and how… will have more lasting impact and solution to the problem itself.  I may take time to educate patients but it’s worth it.  You see the results and they see the great results on their sugar level.  To see the smiles on their faces, how great they feel and the fact that they have done something to reduce their risk to suffer from complications like heart disease or stroke… is more rewarding that anything else.

I guess the beauty of being a physician are the complements you get from your patients too happy to see you back and too happy to refer their friends to you.

Learn more about your health…the rewards will be more than your wealth!

Health is Wealth!

One Response to “The Need to Educate Our Patients…Why Health is Wealth!”

  1. maxim Says:

    I admire your commitment in Diabetes Education Doc. You spent ample time for each patient and see them as unique individuals that need an individualized approach of management.

    I hope there would be more of your kind who just do not see patients as clusters of people with diseases.

    More power!

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