Facts You Need To Know About Cholesterol

August 2, 2006

Go to fullsize imageCholesterol misconceptions are common. Majority of patients don’t feel any symptoms. The abnormality is only discovered if one gets a fasting blood tests. But this is one component in the blood that is most harmful to the heart and brain because any excessive level can lead to heart attack and stroke.

Some misconceptions include:

1. Foods labeled as “No Cholesterol” can be eaten as much as I want.  Majority of these products may still contain saturated fats which are harmful to the blood vessels. So don’t be fooled by marketing strategies.

2. My cholesterol level is normal so I don’t need to worry. This will depend on your risk for heart disease or if you are diabetic. A total cholesterol level alone will not determine your being healthy…make sure you get the Lipid Profile which will determine if your bad or good cholesterol levels are within the goal for your risk.

3. I need medication because my total cholesterol is > 200 mg/dl. Again this high total cholesterol may be due to a high GOOD cholesterol which is protective to the heart and therefore requires NO medication. Another scenario where a Lipid Profile should be done instead.

4. After taking my medication for three months, my doctor said my cholesterol is normal and therefore I can now stop the drug! Whew…a very common scenario but totally wrong.  Once you are diagnosed to have HYPERLIPIDEMIA or suffering from a high cholesterol state… being a metabolic disease requires chronic treatment.  Once you take the drug, your cholesterol drops but once you stop the medication… the cholesterol level rises again and the harm continues….

I hope these misconceptions of my patients will help us all to remember that….

Cholesterol is a silent participant of the Dreaded Complication we call… HEART DISEASE!

There is no age at which you need to check your cholesterol…BUT….Do so NOW if you are: obese, have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, a family history of heart disease or stroke especially at a young age.

Be on GUARD…Check Your



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