Are You Getting Enough SLEEP?

August 1, 2006

Imagess SLEEP is one of human’s basic necessities… Not enough sleep results in making you less alert, less vigorous, with less energy level resulting in less productivity and functioning capacity.  Too much sleep however can also be harmful…

Here’s a recent interesting data published in Diabetes Care, March of 2006 on some important facts on sleep and ones risk to develop Diabetes. For those with risk factors for Diabetes as mentioned in my previous blog…please take note:

1. Sleeping between Six to Eight hours is the most healthy.

2. Sleeping between Five to Six hours DOUBLES ones risk to develop Diabetes

3. Sleeping more than Eight hours is worst- it TRIPLES ones risk to develop Diabetes

Too little sleep or Too much sleep therefore will do you no good.

Sleep Tight… and Remain Healthy!

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