Why Health Rules

August 1, 2006

462277176.jpgAs an endocrinologist, practicing medicine requires a lot of time for teaching and educating our patients with regard to simple measures like taking time to take care of oneself. I deal with illnesses that are considered chronic specifically an epidemic called Diabetes. It will inflict approximately 300M people by year 2025.

Diabetes being a metabolic disease is genetically determined with the environment pulling the trigger. We usually inherit the trait to develop diabetes but it is up to us if the disease will manifest as a disease.

Taking time to take care of oneself through proper diet and exercise will tremendously have an impact in ones well being and in preventing this disease from manifesting toward dreaded complications like blindness, kidney failure strokes and heart attacks.

My blog will however not focus mainly on diabetes but on health issues in general.  This is my way of helping reach out to my patients and the public in general in what I love most… Teaching Through Proper Education!

Definitely our Health Rules… because Health is Wealth… because if we spend more time earning big bucks to the point of neglecting our health… we will definitely end up spending practically all that we’ve earned just to get back our health!

Health Is Your Wealth…

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