Increase Your Good Cholesterol For A Healthy Heart

August 1, 2006

36074848671.jpg HDL cholesterol can be found in your Lipid Profile.  It is part of your executive Panel workup but the result of which is often overlooked..

A Low HDL is defined as a level below 40 mg/dl.  It is now shown to be an independent predictor of Cardiovascular Disease.  In fact a low HDL is also part of the cluster of diseases in the so called Metabolic Syndrome ( high sugar, high blood pressure, obesity )which is a condition that increases one’s risk to develop Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovasular Diseases like Heart Attack and Stroke.

Lifestyle Intervention can increase your good cholesterol. Here are some tips:

1. Regular brisk aerobic exercise for 150 min per week.  In order for exercise to be effective in increasing your HDL, it has to be coupled with weight loss.

2. Quit smoking.  An increase in HDL will be evident 30-60 days after quitting.

3. Mild consumption of alcohol has been shown to increase HDL by 4 mg/dl.

4. A Diet that’s low in saturated fat but high in Poly and Monounsaturated Fat. This can be achieved if foods are cooked using Olive or Canola oil.  For snacks, you may like to eat Nuts like almonds, peanuts, walnuts and for your meat serving, you may try coldwater fish like salmon or mackerel and shellfish.

Checking you Cholesterol level does not mean only the Bad Cholesterol or LDL. A high Total Cholestrol likewise does not mean it is all Bad Cholestrol.  Therefore insist on checking your lipid profile because a high Total Cholesterol may be due to a high Good Cholesterol and therefore is protective rather than harmful and does not require medication. 

Remember the tips are basic lifestyle changes that will not only improve your good cholesterol level but more importantly ones general well being.

Healthy Lifestyle Means Long Life.


7 Responses to “Increase Your Good Cholesterol For A Healthy Heart”

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  2. Dr.Ahipathy Says:

    My cholesterol profile gives:Total cholestrol 119mg%, LDL 71.2mg% and HDL 26.8mg% and triglycerides 105mg% Is this good ratio?

  3. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Dr Ahipathy… there are proponents of using the ratio as a way to determine risk. The ratio may be good even f one is high risk especially with a low LDL but also low HDL. Studies have shown the HDL level is as important a risk factor for heart disease as LDL and therefore just as we are aggressive in addressing lowering of LDL… we should do the same to address in increasing HDL.

  4. Purushothaman Says:

    I am a vegetarian My HDL is 50mg/dl

    Does i spoon of ghee everyday increase HDL?

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