The Truth About CHOCOLATE

August 1, 2006

Imagescho We’ve always wondered…Is chocolate really that bad?  But it just tastes so good that even if we are made to believe it can make us fat or it can cause pimples…we are just tempted to grab one the moment we see one! 

Experts have agreed that chocolates do not cause pimples… it’s the imbalance of hormones and subsequent skin infection that cause and exacerbate pimples! Definitely Chocolate can be ” fattening” mainly because of the saturated fat in it and if we consume a big bar …then we gain calories from it and we gain weight!  But just like any other foods… if we just take a bite or two or limit the amount we eat… we should be guilt free to enjoy chocolate!

The National Institute of Health- the research arm of the US government has embarked on a very interesting research on the benefits of eating chocolate… so to all chocoholics out there…READ!

Chocolates have the compound called FLAVANOIDS which based on preliminary data can ward off vascular diseases that can lead to heart attacks and strokes.  These flavanoids are also present in green tea, apple and red wine. The Darker the chocolate… the bitter tasting it is… the higher the flavanoids.

Does this mean…let’s all grab a dark chocolate and start munching on them while watching TV?  Of course not… mainly because we still don’t have a way to know which dark chocolates sold in the market are flavanoid rich!  In fact some branded chocolates when made,  destroy the flavanoid from the cocoa in the process of making it. Thus the end product is devoid of the substance with the health benefit.

The NIH is now conducting a huge study to test the hypothesis and if the results are rewarding…I’ll be the first one to know and share it with you.

My recommendation to my patients on eating chocolates is:

The first and the last bite of each meal are the best parts! 

Use them to take a bite or two of your chocolates. Chew on it slowly and Savor or Enjoy the taste as it melts in your mouth guilt free!

So to the Chocoholics… Remember…

Know Your Limits!

4 Responses to “The Truth About CHOCOLATE”

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