Why People Dont Exercise….

October 10, 2007

2533140067.jpgAs physicians, we always encourage people to be active. Patients know they need to exercise to feel better, to reduce their chances of developing diseases and of course to help “cure” and treat their ailments like arthritis or obesity.

It is therefore not surprising that in one survey done in UK that even the threat of premature death to NON exercising adults did not bother them to change their lifestyle.  In short… health may not be a primary reason for people to exercise! 

In that new survey by The British Heart Foundation,

  •  When the participants were asked if they would do more exercise if their lives depended on it… only 38% of the subject said YES!
  •  TAKE NOTE: Less than one-twentieth of UK adults say they find exercise enjoyable.

One important information we gathered from that survey is this alarming notion that HEALTH is not the Main reason for them to exercise:

  • The greatest motivation to exercise seems to be the desire to change one’s body shape especially among younger adults and women.  And this maybe true worldwide!
  • About one-in-three young adults said that if they saw an unflattering photo of themselves they would do more exercise. And again this is common sense reason but not sufficient enough to be the prime motivator!
  • Only 7% of women and 13% of men has their main motivation for doing exercise is to maintain a healthy heart.  Whew… just SAD!!!!!

According to the British Heart Foundation, the rate of death in UK is one every fifteen minutes because people did not do enough exercise.  But in spite of all these information, doing exercise is not a priority!

This survey is so important to all of us because indeed THIS IS REALITY!  Look around you or even ask yourself…what are you doing NOW to help keep yourself healthy?  Are you exercising enough or following your doctor’s recommendation to exercise?  OR still the same…reasons after reasons for NOT exercising!

Please do visit my other posts on exercise and physical activity tips because doing the right exercise does not mean going to a gym but just staying home!

Do Your Body Some Help…Exercise For Health!

2 Responses to “Why People Dont Exercise….”

  1. wilson ng Says:

    can a good massage take the place of having to exercise ??? 🙂

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    I hope son…but sad to say it cant and will never be….

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