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Tips To Change Unhealthy Habits: Self Control vs WillPower

October 31, 2007

Go to fullsize imageHere’s one article I read from the Mayo Clinic Health Letter I want to share to everyone.  This is timely and concise at these times that everything that surrounds us is tempting us to do other than what our body requires us to do.  It’s The Will Power to do good things being overcome by destructive tempations leading to unhealthy lifestyle.


But counting on willpower alone to make a change is inviting failure. A Special Report in the February issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter discusses the essential steps to a healthier life, including how planning and self-control skills — not willpower alone — help make healthy behavior changes.

How Self Cotrol wins Over Will Power 

Dessert splurge

Willpower: I’ll make a cheesecake for others in the house, but I won’t eat it.

Self-control: I won’t make a cheesecake, but I can have a slice when I dine out.

Accessible alcohol

Willpower: I’ll keep a liquor cabinet for guests, but I won’t drink.

Self-control: For a time, and perhaps forever, I will not have alcohol in the house.

Smoking cessation

Willpower: I’ll stop cold turkey.

Self-control: Before I stop, I’ll talk to my doctor about ways to ease withdrawal.

Dining out

Willpower: We’ll go to the buffet, but I’ll just have salad.

Self-control: We’ll go to a restaurant that offers small portions and low-fat or vegetarian items.


Willpower: Although I’m tired in the evening, I’m going to get out and walk for 30 minutes every day after dinner.

Self-control: I’m going to try to walk 15 to 30 minutes in the morning and at lunch. I’ll ask a friend to join me for encouragement.

Self-control is one step. But many factors impact why we do what we do — or don’t do. In fact, discarding an unhealthy behavior, or adopting a healthy one, is a tough challenge and often takes from three to 30 attempts.


Simple easy steps to a healthy lifestyle.  Its a matter of combining self control and the will to do things in a manner that will satisfy your body, your self and your health!  It may take time to do things right but as long as one has the will and the foresight to do them with a purpose …then you will be successful! 

Remember…. Not trying is the worst thing you can do to yourself and your health!

Take Self Control and The Will To Be Healthy!