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Eating Together As A Family… Is Healthy!

October 5, 2007

2746116766.jpgSpending quality time with your kids have a lasting impact not only in the way children will remember us as caring parents but have been shown to have lasting impact in the way these kids eat as adults.  The way kids eat help the way they shape their health because lifestyle habits have been shown to have the most impact if started early in life!

A new study that looked at the impact of eating together as a family involved more than 1,500 students surveyed once during high school and again when they were 20 years old specifically ” to determine the long-term effects of family meals on diet quality, social eating, meal structure and meal frequency.” This study published in  September Journal of the American Dietetic Association gives us a glimpse that the truth of all the problems we have now in terms of poor eating habits among our children may stem from the fact that we may not be spending enough time with our kids….


The Objective: To describe meal patterns of young adults and determine if family meal frequency during adolescence is associated with diet quality, meal frequency, social eating, and meal structure during young adulthood.

Surveys and food frequency questionnaires were completed by 946 female students and 764 male students in high school classrooms at Time 1 (1998-1999; mean age 15.9 years) and by mail at Time 2 (2003-2004; mean age 20.4 years).


  • Family meal frequency during adolescence predicted higher intakes of fruit, vegetables , dark-green and orange vegetables, and key nutrients and

  • Family meal frequency was associated with lower intakes of soft drinks during young adulthood.

  • Frequency of family meals also predicted more breakfast meals in females and for both sexes predicted more frequent dinner meals.

  • Family Frequency also was associated with higher priority for meal structure , and higher priority for social eating.

Conclusions : Family meals during adolescence may have a lasting positive influence on dietary quality and meal patterns in young adulthood.


There you go my friends.  Children need our help, our support and our guidance.  They should be taught well the younger they are the better! They need our company not only for fun but to know whats right and proper…including choices of the right healthy food!  Meaning as parents we should also set the right example of what to eat and what NOT to eat!

Make sure we take time to earn a living but not to forget that we have other obligations to our children and family!  Its should be a good balance in life that one should aim for… that can make one a better person both as a family man and as a good individual in the society.

Ensure the health of our children… one way is to….

Spend More Time With Your KIDS!