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Life Is A Cycle….

October 17, 2007

2098012768.jpgI just saw a special patient this morning.  Routine checkup? or an emergency I asked after receiving a call from the secretary yesterday. 

Doctors…let it be known are the worst patients! We doctors also have this longstanding fear that someday, we will be hit by an illness that we specialize in.  As For me… I am extra careful because my mother is a diabetic and I am specializing in endocrinology dealing with diabetes and therefore I am concerend that I will have to deal with treating my diabetes in the future! Whew…scary…..

So going back to my patient this morning… it happened to be my mentor…our boss and our teacher when I was a first year student in Medical school.  Scary thought? …definitely.  Will I satisfy his questions?  If he can grade me again…will he pass me?

What made me write about him today is the thought that… In life… you just cant predict what will happen to you in the future.  We are blind as to what future holds for us in terms of fate or health!  We do what we can now to reduce the chances of getting ill or getting poor! 

But what I know is this simple fact: If you deal with people with kindness now… that favor will go back to you when you need it most.  If I can recall bad memories in my student years… these were not with this guy!  It is just a weird feeling and ironic that he who is in front of me seeking my medical advise … was the one in the past who helped mold me into what I am now!

Life is Short…Very unpredictable and really can come into a full cycle.  Let us treat everyone with kindness because one day you will not know who and where to seek for help in times of need!

Kindness Bears Fruits of Happy Memories!