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Going NUTS on NUTS….

October 18, 2007

imagesertyuyui.jpgIf you think of peanuts… you dont associate them with health food but rather… a kind of junk food? or an unhealthy snack alternative? and pretty salty!!!!

But the FDA has considered nuts as a healthy snack alternative based on the data that nuts have lots of protein and fiber and contain a lot of the good fat called monounsaturated fats as well as certain  antioxidants. 

BUT not all nuts are created equal:  the health claim recognized by the FDA only includes peanuts and certain tree nuts like:

  • walnuts because of its omega 3 fatty acids
  • almonds,
  • hazelnuts,
  • pecans,
  • some pine nuts,
  • pistachios, and
  • walnuts.  

These nuts carry with them several studies lowering LDL or bad cholesterol while improving HDL or good cholesterol and as aresult may actually have beneficial effects in protecting heart ailments.

Other nuts that did not get the qualty health claim from the FDA because they contain high saturated fat include: Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, cashew nuts, and some varieties of pine nuts.

So for your next meal or snacks…dont feel guilty grabbing some nuts from the can and enjoy them.  Nuts are rich in protein and fiber and therefore can be very filling.  But again in moderation because even if they have health claim…they still contain calories and too much of which can also be harmful!

Let’s Go NUTS!