The DANGER of Taking Antioxidants…BEWARE!

May 8, 2007

23349167291.jpgScience is ever-changing. One study should not make one take a pill just because it shows the drug to be beneficial. Any research should be carefully done and reviewed and if published in a reputable peer reviewed journal then its worth a second look!

The story about antioxidants and their benefits is one controversy. You may have heard a lot already about the benefits and side effects of Vitamins E and C but what is really the real score?  So before grabbing these vitamins… take to consider the facts below: 

The results of this study came from a meta-analysis of 68 randomized trials with a total of 232,606 patients published in the February 28 issue of JAMA.

  • Vitamin C does not appear to be detrimental but it is not beneficial either.  It likewise did not decrease or increase  mortality.
  • Trials of selenium showed it to be neither of benefit nor harm.

But the most striking results that I want readers to take note is that:

…. Vitamins A and E actually increased the risk for mortality whether it is used alone or in combination….

These data only point to one thing:

…That people should NOT take these over the counter supplements marketed as anti-oxidant vitamins in an effort to prevent illness…because…THEY DON’T!

…And as the usual cliche… we should instead” eat a balanced diet and take regular exercise“… as full proof to healthy living with NO SHORTCUTS…because…

Being Healthy Requires No Shortcuts!

3 Responses to “The DANGER of Taking Antioxidants…BEWARE!”

  1. mariz Says:

    Thanks Doc for this info. Im a bit vitamin freak but what i learned now I have to do away taking much of this antioxidant vitamins.

    Yes, nothing beats the balanced diet and regular exercise.


  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    You’re not alone Maris that’s why I thought of making the readers and my patients aware that even if theyre vitamins…it does not mean theyre harmless! The same warning to people who take supplements bought for them by their relatives abroad assuring them that theyre harmless…which may turn out to be the opposite and instead are full of harm!

  3. LILIBETH Says:

    WOW..this article is really enlightening, i have a friend and office mates who’s been offering me to buy anti-oxidant like the so-called power lab (a grape seed extract), they said its good for all types of ailments, true enough some did have testimonies that they were cured…but still i did not dare to try…good enough i’ve read your article, now i am convinced never try anything just for the heck of it…aside from very high price, not good for health at all….thanks doc!

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