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The Health Benefits of Visiting The Beach….

May 21, 2007

boracay-at-night.jpgWe all heard of Boracay… we all heard of the pleasures of going to a beach, enjoy the breath of fresh air, the crystal clear waters, the white sands and the fun!  Indeed… these things are true with Boracay.  Ive been to different resorts and I agree that nothing beats the beach of Boracay!  Except probably for El Nido in Palawan, the beauty of Boracay stems not only from the white sand beach but more so… the people, the view, the sunset and whole of what the place brings…

another-castle.jpgNo pollution, no factories, no litter ( or else you’re fined) and literally you feel so safe strolling down the stretch of white sand beach up to dusk!  People know that tourists are their means of livelihood so everybody tries to protect them from getting harmed! You just feel so relaxed and so free from all the hassles of everyday life in the city.  For me, this brings to what we doctors always recommend to our patients to explore a a stress free environment especially to people who have no time to sleep, think a while about themselves and their families and just take time to sit down, enjoy the view, the sun and have fun!  This whole experience can really rejuvenate oneself and help boost one’s immune system to help help fight long term chronic diseases like cancer, depression and infections.

I however recommend to visit the place in times where there are not much crowd.  If you want to explore Boracayand enjoy the benefits of what relaxation can bring, then avoid going there in December or in April.

sunset.jpgMy visit to Boracay this weekend was perfect.  Not only was I able to share some tips on how to manage Diabetes to fellow doctors coming from Bacolod and Iloilo but also had time to explore the place and relax with my family who enjoyed every minute of the experience.  I enjoy teaching so I welcome sharing what I know to fellow doctors all over the country because not only am I able to live my advocacy of sharing my expertise in the field of endocrinology but also the chance to visit places in our country far better than in other parts of the world! ( Click on the pictures that I took during my visit to see how beautiful this place is.)

Lastly…Dont ever miss the beautiful SUNSET of Boracay!  It’s worth the visit and time!  Truly this place can work wonders to help us feel better and healthier!

A Breath of Fresh Air Is Worth A Thousand Cure!