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Tips To Eat Less

May 4, 2007

imagesl.jpgThe main obstacle in losing weight is FOOD. The availability of tasty high caloric foods  in a glance within minutes within our sight anytime and anywhere tempts us to eat, savor the taste and enjoy! That’s how man was born to live! To work hard and enjoy the fruits of ones labor by eating a satisfying meal after a hard days work.  Unfortunately… we enjoy the food so much and its overabundance has lead to a lot of suffering instead! 

BUT…by eating well and balancing the kinds of food and taking time to consider what to eat and how much during each meal should make a difference long term. 

I found this interesting  article on tips on how to eat small from the April issue of the Mayo Clinic Health Letter which I want to share: 

  • Select smaller bowls, plates and spoons for serving and eating. Research has shown that people eat more when food is served in or eaten from larger dishes.
  • Get rid of high-calorie leftovers; store them in inconvenient locations or in opaque containers. — Seeing a calorie-laden goody can trigger the desire to eat. Food in the basement pantry is less tempting than leftovers on the kitchen counter. Weight loss is easier when healthy, low-calorie foods are within sight and easy reach.
  • Buy small packages and serve or order small quantities. Larger packages or larger portions often lead people to eat more than they would if the serving or package were smaller. After serving appropriate portions, put leftovers away immediately or, at a minimum, keep the serving dishes off the dining table.

Actually, we know these tips exist but constant reminder may help us follow these tips if we are really serious in our quest for…

Better Health Through Healthy Weight!