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The DANGER of Taking Antioxidants…BEWARE!

May 8, 2007

23349167291.jpgScience is ever-changing. One study should not make one take a pill just because it shows the drug to be beneficial. Any research should be carefully done and reviewed and if published in a reputable peer reviewed journal then its worth a second look!

The story about antioxidants and their benefits is one controversy. You may have heard a lot already about the benefits and side effects of Vitamins E and C but what is really the real score?  So before grabbing these vitamins… take to consider the facts below: 

The results of this study came from a meta-analysis of 68 randomized trials with a total of 232,606 patients published in the February 28 issue of JAMA.

  • Vitamin C does not appear to be detrimental but it is not beneficial either.  It likewise did not decrease or increase  mortality.
  • Trials of selenium showed it to be neither of benefit nor harm.

But the most striking results that I want readers to take note is that:

…. Vitamins A and E actually increased the risk for mortality whether it is used alone or in combination….

These data only point to one thing:

…That people should NOT take these over the counter supplements marketed as anti-oxidant vitamins in an effort to prevent illness…because…THEY DON’T!

…And as the usual cliche… we should instead” eat a balanced diet and take regular exercise“… as full proof to healthy living with NO SHORTCUTS…because…

Being Healthy Requires No Shortcuts!