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How Much Caffeine is In Our Drinks?

May 10, 2007

2333326284.jpgWe know caffeine is a stimulant.  Therefore we tend to grab a cup of coffee everytime we feel we need a jolt out of our daily routine resulting in exhaustion or just mere tiredness.  But researchers have warned us about too much caffeine because of its health dangers including the effect of caffeine on the heart and bones as well as our ability to take a good sleep.  Likewise studies have shown too much caffeine can lead to stomach problems like ulcer or esophagitis.  People who likewise drink Energy drinks should also be cautioned because all they contain are sugars and caffeine.

Students trying to cram for an exam should be warned of the palpitations and jitteriness that they will feel if their body is loaded with caffeine.  On the other hand, those wanting to have a good sleep or the insomniacs should limit caffeine during the 4 to 6 hours before bedtime.  It is estimated that approximately 50% of the caffeine consumed at 7 PM remains in the body at 11 PM…the time frame that we want to go to bed!

One may actually be avoiding coffee per se to avoid problems with sleeping but remember that caffeine can be present in many different foods, beverages and medications.

Coffee (5 oz. cup)
Brewed, drip method 60 – 180 mg caffeine
Instant 30 – 120 mg caffeine
Decaffeinated 1 – 5 mg caffeine
Tea (5 oz. cup)
Brewed 60 – 180 mg caffeine
Instant 25 – 50 mg caffeine
Iced (12 oz. Cup) 67 – 76 mg caffeine
dark/semisweet 1 oz. – 5 – 35 mg caffeine
Soft drinks
cola (12 oz.) 36 – 47 mg caffeine
Non-prescription drugs
Dexatrim 200 mg caffeine
No Doz 100 mg caffeine
Excedrin 65 mg caffeine

But drinking coffee per se has many health benefits including the possibility of preventing diabetes and liver and other ailments as well as help us lose weight.  And therefore…Just as always…we recommend drinking or taking anything or even doing things in Moderation is the key to prevent dangers because…

Too Much Of A Godd Thing Can Turn Out BAD!

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