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Meal Replacement : Another Way To Lose Weight…

February 9, 2007

37907386321.jpgOne easy way to convince patient in strategies to lose weight is meal replacement.  We have heard of Slim fast and locally Herbalife.  Both strategies use meal replacements in a form of low calorie drinks.

Theoritically, it is an acceptable option because you are not deprived of a meal.  The shakes are calculated to give you enough calories for the day but not too much to store these calories as fat.  The problem with these products is the expense associated with buying them because of networking and marketing costs.

Here’s a simple way to do just the same with similar results that’s easy on your pocket.  Meal replacement shakes are available in the market if you just have the time to look for them.  Being an endocrinologist, I usually go for the calculation of 40% of the total calories from fat but should be predominantly monounstaurated with around only 40% of calories from carbohydrate.  This to avoid a sudden surge of sugar after a meal.

I usually advise my patients to replace their morning meals and evening meals with a meal replacement shake.  My choice for this is the product of Nestle called Nutren For Diabetes.  It stands out over the rest because of its whey protein content.   As we know, whey protein contains high levels of both essential and non-essential amini acids, and is low in fat content ideal for my diabetic patients.  The shake can be combined with a fruit ideally an apple, and a pear.  I usually avoid fruits with high glycemic load like banana or mango.

Patient can eat a regular meal for lunch. I also advise them to eat the Nutren Balance cereal bar as mid morning and mid afternoon snacks.  This oatmeal based cereal bar is also calculated with enough calories to avoid weight gain but has enough fiber bulk to delay hunger.

The whole day should end with plenty of water, one multivitamin per day and of course for weight maintenance, daily exercise like walking.

Make sure though you feedback me if this strategy worked for you….

Meal Replacement: Another Alternative to A Healthy Weight Loss Strategy!

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