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The Truth Behind The Antiperspirant and Breast Cancer Link

February 7, 2007

3370060387.jpgThe first time I heard about this controversy was around the time a friend developed breast cancer.  She tried blaming it on her underarm deodorant.  I cant imagine not using one after a bath as part of one’s hygienic routines.  But now comes this rumor of a possible link between our daily use of an antiperspirant and breast cancer.  Apparently the compound Aluminum present in antiperspirant and not in deodorant is the culprit.  But are these claims true or just  a myth?

The truth of the matter is that few clinical studies in humans have addressed the issue. 

  • The American Cancer Society has this to say: ” a carefully-designed epidemiologic study of this issue published in 2002 compared 813 women with breast cancer and 793 women without the disease found no relationship between breast cancer risk and antiperspirant use, deodorant use, or underarm shaving.”
  • Likewise in a recent report released by the  National Cancer Institute, the institution concluded that “no conclusive research” exists linking the use of underarm antiperspirants or deodorants to breast cancer.

Whew… what a relief.  This controversy tells us one thing.  This baseless rumor in the internet started it all.  So before we believe in anything written on print or on-line… it is better to confirm based only on pure scientific basis and nothing else!  The two major institutions with cancer experts on board say it all!

Now We Can Remain Odor Free With Our Arms UP !

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