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Are You Satisfied With Your Doctor?

February 5, 2007

2633029124.jpgIn any transactions whether for health or wealth… we make sure that customers are satisfied not only of our goods but more so our service! We see surveys being done in stores or restaurants to make sure that the establishment conforms to the needs of the customers they target.  It is basically not different with regard to doctors handling our patients.  What matters is not mainly the credentials and the expertise of the physician … but more so the way the doctors handle and manage their patients from the time they are in the waiting room to the time they are seen in the clinic room. 

As the dictum at the Mayo Clinic is… patients are there to seek comfort from their illness.  As such we were trained to follow that dictum to always make our patient fell comfortable to face their sickness.

While in Manila attending a convention last weekend, I happened to read an interesting survey in February issue of  Consumer Reports …that looked at this question of patients satisfaction on their doctors.  Interestingly most were positive and were satisfied with their doctors but obviously there were complaints.  The number one complaint was the time spent in the waiting room.  The same is true here in our country especially with doctors following a “no appointment” scheme.  With this… doctors can just come in anytime they prefer.  And it is for the same reason that I always insist on my patients to avail of my” By Appointment” scheme because I believe this is the only way that both parties can be happy with less waiting time. 

Other complaints from patients included:

  •  “Couldn’t schedule an appointment within a week“. This is where I am guilty of and actually the downside of the appointment scheme.  The schedule just fills up fast so patients complain… Any recommendation for a win-win situation?
  •    Spent too little time with me
  •    Didn’t provide test results promptly
  •    Didn’t respond to my phone calls promptly

The survey is really an eye opener for us physicians. I may be guilty of one but pretty much I guess I have a passing mark.

How about you… Any experiences with your doctors you want to share?

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