Weight Loss Surgery: Is It For You?

January 27, 2007

2459156720.jpgIn one recent survey, weight loss surgery is now increasing as a preferred way of losing weight in the US especially among baby boomers.  In a report by  Zhao published in Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project Statistical Brief#23, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in January 2007, “more Americans are turning to weight loss surgery and that an increasing number of younger people are undergoing these procedures.” 

In my practice nowadays, our center is also getting more patients requesting for weight loss surgical procedures.  Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital has the required facilities to do the procedure.  But who are candidates of these procedures?

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Do you have a BMI of 40 or more?
  • Are you suffering from mechanical problems due to obesity like arthritis or difficulty getting employment because of your weight affecting your work?
  • Are you suffering form obesity related medical complications like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea or heart disease?
  • Have you tried unsuccessfully other non invasive techniques of losing weight especially behavioral therapy?
  • Are you well informed that the procedure may entail some risks?
  • Are you really determined to lose weight and improve your health and has thought about it for quite sometime?
  • Are you ready to change you way of life and some habits after the operation?
  • Do you know that you may need and be committed to life-long medical follow-up?

The most difficult part in weight loss surgery is if a patient does it solely for cosmetic reasons and not health and hasn’t focused enough to know the difference.   For me… I always tell my patient that…

 “To be Successful Requires More Than Want But NEED!… The need to promote, preserve and enjoy health!” 

It is also very important that the patient needs to understand that there is a difference between: “I want to eat but I cant! “and “I don’t want to eat because I’m full!”  Once you have undergone gastric weight loss procedures like gastric banding… you’re desire to eat remains but you cant because you feel full easily.  This is where discipline to stop eating or face the risk of vomiting complications come in!  I always tell my patients: it’s like having the desire but you cant because you are impotent.  If you are not ready to face this challenge then the procedure is not for you!

 If you have answers to each question and we deemed you as a candidate for surgery then off you go…..

Weight Loss Surgery: Another Option For Health!

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7 Responses to “Weight Loss Surgery: Is It For You?”

  1. maxim Says:

    Doctor, I understand this entails a lot of cost. How much is the range of investment for the patient to have the procedure?

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    The experience we have is Laparsocopic Gastric Banding which is less invasive and a more preferred procedure for the patients. It will cost the patient around P 300,000 to P 350,000.

  3. adrienne Says:

    id like to ask is taking replacement hormones like synthroid or euthyrox can make u fat or gain weight even if ur dosage is just right for u?

  4. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Adrienne… hypothyroidism due to an underactive thyroid gland or due to thyroid surgery or radioactive iodine can make one gain weight. But only up to as much as 10 lbs. If you have gained more than that… then don’t blame the thyroid as the culprit.

    Your question of synthroid/ thyroid hormone replacment is different. If the replacement dose is enough to make you euthyroid meaning your blood tests of TSH and FT4 are normal then no way can the drug be responsible for the weight gain. And to determine if the dosage is right for you, make sure the TSH is within normal range.

  5. adrienne Says:

    thanks Doc!

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  7. Nam Says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Weight Loss Surgery: Is
    It For You? | That Health Rules <Liked it!

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