L-Carnitine and Weight Loss…

April 28, 2009

Go to fullsize imageIve seen my friends drinking juice with L carnitine thinking that by doing so…they are enjoying the taste plus the calories from the juice while the Carnitine burns the fat that makes them lose weight.  This would be an ideal setting and definitely one that will earn the founder of this promise of weight loss while enjoying the food will win the Novel Prize Winner in Science….

All in the game of marketing and the problem is…these products are winning high in sales because people are easily fooled by marketing.  Just like our kids are fooled into eating fried chicken because they’re healthy!

Carnitine is an important nutrient.  It is one that helps the body turn fat into energy.  So marketing the product from this basis : enjoy the taste of juice while burning your fat and lose weight…is one marketing that is really stretching the facts too lame!  Unfortunately people buy the ads as if they are the truth!

Lastly beware of websites from companies selling the product…claiming facts regarding carnitine and products that they sell… because bias in reporting data is always evident.   Be vigilant when searching for them in the internet.  Always check the source and its realiability of the findings including the institution that claims the facts!!

The truth of L carnitine is that at present and quote from the University of Maryland website: NO PROOF!

 “Although L-carnitine has been marketed as a weight-loss supplement, there is no scientific evidence to date to show that it improves weight loss. A recent study of moderately overweight women found that L-carnitine did not significantly alter body weight, body fat, or lean body mass. Based on the results of this one small study, claims that L-carnitine helps reduce weight are not supported at this time.”

Dont Be Fooled… Enjoy Water instead!



10 Responses to “L-Carnitine and Weight Loss…”

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