A Guide To Healthy Parenting

November 4, 2006

1012478201.jpgI just read this heart warming story about values formation in practice in a post… in Teaching Values.  And while reading the local papers yesterday, 2 teens returned nearly P200,000 they found while riding a bike.  I believe that a developing mind is critical to a child as well as our obligation as parents on teaching values… and what a way to have tested this trait than from the kids mouth of what being truthful is all about.  The bonding formed between the child and the parents is critical to acquiring these values.  And that I honestly believe… our kids will be kids for only a short time before they grow up and their time with us is merely borrowed that we need to utilize all we have with them to share and enjoy.  As a parent of 3 kids, I thought of sharing with you a survey done on what kids think about their parents and maybe we can all learn from it.  The information was sourced from Family Doctor  a website of the Academy of Family Physicians.

  • Most kids said their parents love them — big time. Nearly 90% of kids said their mom loves them a lot.
  • Far fewer kids — only 8% — said their mom only loved them some and 4% said their mom loved them a little or not at all.
  • When it came to dads, nearly 90% of kids said their dad loved them a lot.
  • Again, fewer kids (8%) said their dads loved them only some and another 8% said their dads loved them a little or not at all.
  • About 73% said they like doing stuff with both parents, while 12% preferred to spend time with mom only and 9% liked being only with dad.

Majority of parents seldom see our kids wake up and go to school.  But the 2 most likely times that we can spend quality times with our kids would be during meals and during school activities. In that same survey,

  • about half of kids said they have meals with their parents at least once a day. The rest of the kids said they have family meals a few days a week (28%) or hardly ever or never (19%). 
  • Forty percent of kids said they’d like their parents to be more involved at their school. That could include chaperoning field trips, coaching a sport, volunteering for class events, or helping in tutoring. 

Since I start work early so I can get home early too , my bonding time with my kids start around 5PM when it’s study time for my eldest kid and have fun learning together.  Literally…a fun bonding time with him.  It was a rewarding experience for me therefore when his name was posted in the bulletin board as first honors in the first quarter of his Grade 1 class!  It was an experience better than me getting a good grade.

Teaching values to the kids require time from us.  Again who is not busy these days but the outcome of all these hard-work we spend with our kids will soon make us realize that we are responsible for shaping the future of these kids… and being honest is one trait that will bring these kids to future success!

Kudos to Parents Who Spend Time With Their Kids!

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