Four Short Walks is Better for High Blood Pressure

October 13, 2006

135780823.jpgDay to day, we take the same route in our lives… from the time we wake up , go to work then come home to spend time with our family.  Sometimes… we even complain that we have no time to spend an evening dinner with our kids…how much more to exercise.  However, whatever we do in life… personal health is a matter of committment rather than choice!

Prehypertension is defined as a blood pressure of 120/80 to 130/89 mmHg.  This level is no longer considered normal.  This level is a red flag that if one does not care enough to be healthy… then you’re doomed to suffer later on in life as this can lead to heart attack and strokes.  But just like prediabetes or high cholesterol… we can do something about it as long as we care.

So here’s an exciting study to prove that we definitely have time to do something in our lives that will matter most to our health.  This study published in the Journal of Hypertension this September showed that taking four short walks a day to lower your blood pressure may be more effective than one long walk.

The effect of four 10-minute walks was compared to one 40-minute walk in reducing blood pressure in 20 people with prehypertension.  The result was rather interesting because those that did the short walks decreased their blood pressure by the same amount, the effect of which lasted for 11 hours, compared to only seven hours after the long walk.

This result maybe true to the effect of short bouts of activity in the whole spectrum of other diseases like diabetes and cholesterol problems.  Now you cant say..” I dont exercise because I dont have time to go to a gym”.

My Tip is for one to do your morning ritual of any activity for 10 minutes then do it again by lunch and by the time you take your afternoon snacks and then do the 10 minute walk to home. Once you’ve made this routine…it’s now part of your lifestyle.

Four Short Walks Can Mean A Lot To You and Your Health!

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2 Responses to “Four Short Walks is Better for High Blood Pressure”

  1. maxim Says:

    A good suggestion Doctor. Not too burdensome and a walking activity gives one an opportunity to see things around, things both small and big that we oftentimes neglect.

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