Check Your Numbers: Are You Obese?

August 2, 2006

2459156720.jpg We’ve been talking about the risks of obesity.  We know the prevalence is increasing worldwide.  We know the reasons… But Are We Obese?

Body Mass Index is one simple way to determine if you’re overweight or already obese.  It can be calculated as follows: Weight in Kg divided by your Height in centimeters times 2. Try computing your BMI and see where you belong.

The following are the different levels of BMI in adult Asian Population based on the International Obesity Task Force for the Asia Pacific with the Waist Circumference and the corresponding Risk for Co Morbidities like Hypertension, Diabetes and Heart Disease:

                                                               Waist Circumference

                                                  < 35 inches ( men)             > 35 inches

                                                  < 31 inches ( women)        > 31 inches

Underweight  :        < 18.5                  Low                             Average

Normal Range :        >18.5 to 22.9       Average                        Increased

Overweight   :         >23 to 24.9          Increased                      Moderate

Obese I         :           25 to 29.9         Moderate                      Severe

Obese II        :          > 30                   Severe                         Very Severe

Once you know where you belong… you know what to do! Remember, the risk to develop the diseases associated with lifestyle due to bad habits is closely related to how heavy you are.  And the risk to develop obesity and its associated co-morbidities can be reversed if we act now thru lifestyle changes to include proper food choices and constant daily activites.

Know The Numbers Then Do

Something About It!


2 Responses to “Check Your Numbers: Are You Obese?”

  1. thanks for your blog doctor.. i learn a lot from it

  2. […] The International Obesity Task Force also came up with standards to follow for the Asia Pacific Region which calculates a lower BMI for the Asian population as overweight and obese.  […]

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