Tips To Keep Our Brain Healthy and Memory in Shape!

August 1, 2006

Imagesbd_2 If you look around health food stores, people are buying brain boosting supplements to hopefully improve memory.… without realizing that they really don’t work.  Beware of marketing strategies that will claim that these drugs will improve your child’s brain power…or prevent you from being forgetful…

No drug has yet been proven to improve brain function or prevent you from forgetting things sometimes. Same with treating obesity or diabetes…we want a pill to do the works.To keep your brain sharp and active, try stimulating your brain cells with new exciting ctivities.

Here are some tips to keep your brain healthy:

Listen and Focus on One thing at a time…Pay Attention…Too many things to remember can lead to distraction…which can result in forgetfulness!

  1. Organize: Have specific places for things like glasses, bills, documents so it’s easier to retrieve if you need them.    Less Unnecessary stress in looking for things!
  2. Try playing board games or solving a Su Doku. I first heard of Sudoku from my brother in law who has a great blog for budding entrepreneurs – and now you see this game everywhere sold at Walmart, free puzzles at Northwest Lounge in Chicago airport and my seatmate in the airplane was playing it.
  3. Reading books or taking classes (that’s why I supported my wife taking her MBA at Ateneo-Regis University) are some activities your mind can engage in. There is abolutely no limit to reading and learning at the same time. And start nurturing the young minds of the kids by buying books and reading stories to them. That’s how theyll learn to love books.

So let’s start exercising our brains… Read… Read…and Read.

So far from 4/1 to 30/06, my blog has been viewed and read 156 times based on Friendster record.  Not bad… continue to read so I will continue to write… a great way for you and I to exercise our brains! 

Lastly, Remember to

Exercise and Eat Well To Keep Your Memory in Shape!



3 Responses to “Tips To Keep Our Brain Healthy and Memory in Shape!”

  1. Rizza Says:

    it is true that reading and playing board games could enhance the stimulation of some nerves in our brain that keeps us alert and not imrpove our memories. that is the reason why i encourage my colleagues at work that we play scrabble and read newspaper…..

  2. Mary Says:

    very nice blog!


  3. Awesome post buddy…

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