Are You Under STRESS?

August 1, 2006

2028023021.jpg If you are undergoing “Stress” lately…here are some tips I got from the Mayo Clinic Division of Medicine that summarizes signs and symptoms to determine if you need to take time out from work and relax a little bit…

Effects of stress
On your body On your thoughts and feelings On your behavior
Chest pain Restlessness Decreased anger control, marked by sudden outbursts with little provocation
High blood pressure Irritability Increased smoking
Muscle aches, such as back and neck pain Sadness Crying spells
Grinding teeth Mood swings Job dissatisfaction
Indigestion Lack of concentration Burnout
Stomach cramping or bloating Forgetfulness
Fatigue Tendency to blame others for how you feel
Weight gain or loss Tendency to see only the negative aspects of people and situations
Skin problems, such as hives

If you have the symptoms…then

Take Charge and Recharge!

3 Responses to “Are You Under STRESS?”

  1. Philip Ytac Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful wisdom Dr. Gerry. I am a candidate of Diabetes due to my profession which encounters stress a lot, my brother and father has type 2 diabetes and I tend to over eat a lot.

    I will do my best to take charge and recharge!!!


  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Definitely Phil… read my post on the benefits of Massage… Clean massage Phil!

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